Armpit Whitening | A Beginner’s Guide To The Perfect Underarm

So what can you do to whiten your armpits and get them glowing and radiant once more? Well one of the easiest things to start with is that you can exfoliate the area under your arms and get rid of any dead skin that has built up. Some of the best skin moisturisers for this delicate underarm area are coconut oil and Vitamin E oil.

Lemon juice mixed with turmeric paste can also be applied to your armpits at bedtime and left on overnight. So even if you do not switch to using a whitening deodorant, try and choose one that does not contain alum chloride. To remove the hair permanently, a very fine metal probe is inserted into the hair follicle and an electric charge is delivered that destroys only the hair follicle. Perhaps the simplest natural method is to slice a lemon and then rub the lemon slices across your armpits. Shaving can also cause irritation that can be unsightly and cause skin discolouration. There are now many natural and organic deodorants out there that do not contain any damaging chemicals and will also cherish your precious skin.

The most permanent solution is to have your armpit hairs removed by electrolysis. So, especially if you are fair-skinned with dark hair, you can be left with a dark shadow under your arms. A rather more exotic and appealing mixture to use is sandalwood powder mixed with rosewater, which you then apply to your armpits in order to reduce the darkening of the skin.

I wouldn’t mind betting that it smells rather better than the potato juice as well! If you would rather drink something to whiten your underarms, rather than using a lightener on your underarm skin, soak some fenugreek seeds overnight in a glass of water and then drink the liquid first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. It’s not for the faint hearted, but underarm waxing takes out the whole hair from the root, and if you wax on a regular basis you will probably find that the hair starts to thin out as the roots get damaged and less hair grows back.

Natural Armpit Whitening

. Hair removal creams dissolve the hair below the surface of the skin, so it takes longer for the hair to grow back and so you are less likely to have a dark shadow.

Also, it has been suggested that a common ingredient of many deodorants, alum chloride, can react with your sweat to stain both your clothes and your skin. Choose a mild exfoliator or body scrub to use on your underarms a couple of times a week when you are in the shower and this should keep the area free of dead skin build-up.

Exfoliating and Whitening Deodorants

Underarm Hair Removal

You could also investigate other methods of removing the hair from under your arms. This is rinsed off in the shower the next morning and moisturiser applied to your underarm area. This is one that needs to be done regularly to keep them pale, so it is a method that might not do much for your love life!

There are quite a few natural methods of whitening your underarms that you easily use at home. Leave the honey and lemon juice mixture on for around thirty minutes and then sponge it off with warm water and rub in some skin moisturiser. You then have to wait for about half an hour before you have your breakfast, to give the fenugreek water the chance to work.

Try and choose a mild exfoliator, and also one that is organic and paraben free, so that you are not absorbing any nasty chemicals through your delicate skin. Lime slices would be just as effective, but this needs to be done regularly to keep those pits white, and because lemon or lime juice is acidic, you might find that it dries your skin out and that you need smooth in a moisturiser afterwards.

Always do a patch test before you use hair removal cream, to ensure that you do not react badly to it, and again it is best to choose a hair removal cream that is designed for sensitive skin, is organic and paraben free. Allow the potato juice to dry on your skin and then rinse of off with cool water. This has to be done for each individual hair, so it is likely that more than one treatment session will be required, and this can start to become quite expensive.

Surprisingly, potato juice will also bleach the skin, so you could try chopping some peeled potatoes, putting them through the juicer and then applying the juice to your underarms. Shaving only cuts the hair off at skin level and does not remove the root. You can also now get roll-on deodorants that are designed to reduce skin darkening under your arms that when used every day can help to keep those armpits pale as a lily.

A variation of this is to mix a tablespoon of honey with a tablespoon of lemon juice and smooth the mixture over your underarm skin

In gritty town on Thai-Cambodia border, Asia’s soccer gambling obsession is on display

Bookmakers and bettors alike in Poipet are aware that some matches are fixed, but such information is closely held by the syndicates and doesn’t reach ordinary gamblers. Soccer betting is illegal in Cambodia, but visitors to this seedy frontier town wouldn’t know it. In the rundown market where the smell of incense mixes with rotting garbage, betting goes on 24 hours a day inside shiny, glass-fronted parlors emblazoned with photos of famous European soccer players. Soccer betting is illegal in Cambodia, but visitors to this seedy frontier town wouldn’t know it. 9, 2012. In the rundown market where the smell of incense mixes with rotting garbage, betting goes on 24 hours a day inside shiny, glass-fronted parlors emblazoned with photos of famous European soccer players. Soccer betting is illegal in Cambodia, but visitors to this seedy frontier town wouldn’t know it. Fidgety men break from lines of computers displaying odds to place bets with cashiers on matches around the world, from the obscure leagues of India and New Zealand to the giants of Europe.

In the daytime, trucks carrying squealing pigs roll through town, as do vehicles full of foreign tourists on their way to the ruins of Angkor Wat, Cambodia’s iconic 12th century temple.

Authorities turn a blind eye to the bookmakers, even those who operate outside the casinos, which are run by powerful tycoons with links to the corruption-riddled government in Phnom Penh, the capital.

Poipet has a long association with gambling. “The important thing is we can recognize them.”

“Asia is the dominant betting market, even though the sport is European. 9, 2012. (AP Photo/Apichart Weerawong) (The Associated Press)

Soccer bookmakers — also illegal in most Asian countries — have sprung up inside the casinos and in nearby streets.. A stinking, rubbish-clogged river dissects the town.

Unlicensed Asian betting sites and bookmakers like those in Poipet function as unofficial agents of the larger Asian betting operators, most of them based in the Philippines. (AP Photo/Apichart Weerawong) (The Associated Press)

The cash bets placed with the bookies in Poipet and the many more via websites operating out of the town form part of a billion-dollar unregulated industry in Asia that is at the heart of match-fixing. (AP Photo/Apichart Weerawong) (The Associated Press)


Cambodian motorcycle taxi drivers wait for customers outside the Genting Crown Casino in Poipet, Cambodia Sunday, Dec. Soccer betting is illegal in Cambodia, but visitors to this seedy frontier town wouldn’t know it. And most criminals, whether they come from Asia or Europe, will place the bets in Asia because of the non-regulated sector of that market,” he said. In the rundown market where the smell of incense mixes with rotting garbage, betting goes on 24 hours a day inside shiny, glass-fronted parlors emblazoned with photos of famous European soccer players. Unlike in regulated markets, syndicates are able to place bets anonymously, with no cash trail to follow or betting patterns to examine if fixing suspicions emerge, said David Forrest, an applied economist who specializes in sports gambling at the University of Salford Business School in Britain.

In the snazziest of the town’s bookmakers, called, a gap-toothed Singaporean who gave his name only as Michael needed several late goals and turnarounds to win his $25 wager on a series of five matches.


Cambodians work atop of a new casino building in Poipet, Cambodia Sunday, Dec. In the early 1990s, the government allowed casinos to be built there, and the gaudy, mostly threadbare venues continue to attract thousands of customers from Thailand, where all forms of gambling are illegal.


In this photo taken Sarturday, Dec. “It’s a huge market, and easy to hide money.”

In September, police arrested 100 Indonesians in Phnom Penh for illegally running a soccer betting site from two houses in the city.

AP Assistant Europe Editor Sheila Norman-Culp contributed from London.


A Cambodian Buddhist monk takes a morning alms next to a casino signboard in Poipet, Cambodia Sunday, Dec. (AP Photo/Apichart Weerawong) (The Associated Press)

He fingered his betting slips in the manner of gamblers around the world, and a 6-year-old boy whom he referred to as his son bounded from his lap to the floor of the bookmakers, playing in the cigarette ash left behind.


POIPET, Cambodia –  Soccer betting is illegal in Cambodia, but visitors to this seedy frontier town wouldn’t know it.

While bets of upward of $50,000 on a single game are not uncommon in Asia, most wagers are much smaller, reflecting average incomes in a region that remains mostly poor. 9, 2012. 9, 2012. On a weekend in late November, there were few big bettors in Poipet, little glamour and many tales of lives taken over by gambling.

Published February 15, 2013

One bookmaker’s Malaysian manager, who refused to give his name because of the illegal nature of his business, conceded that the operation was running “on borrowed time.”

Rooms in hotels and casinos are rented out to these operators, giving the town something of a gold rush atmosphere.


Poipet is a town where few would choose to live unless they were making money, or have gambling addictions to feed.

By night, touts on motorbikes patrol the main drag offering women and drugs, while children beg. In the rundown market where the smell of incense mixes with rotting garbage, betting goes on 24 hours a day inside shiny, glass-fronted parlors emblazoned with photos of famous European soccer players. To spend a weekend there is to see up close the region’s obsession with soccer gambling, as well as some of the challenges facing those who seek to keep the sport clean.

The websites operating in the town employ Indonesians, Thais and other nationalities on telephone help lines and computer chat rooms to assist people setting up accounts in their home countries.


A woman sweeps the ground outside an online gambling shop in Poipet, Cambodia Sunday, Dec. 8, 2012, people chat while waiting for soccer matches to be played on the screens outside an online gambling shop in Poipet, Cambodia. In the rundown market where the smell of incense mixes with rotting garbage, betting goes on 24 hours a day inside shiny, glass-fronted parlors emblazoned with photos of famous European soccer players.(AP Photo/Apichart Weerawong) (The Associated Press)

As the final whistle approached on several matches in England’s Premier League, his hope slowly turned to disappointment.

“We can’t always pronounce the teams we are betting on, but that doesn’t matter,” said Sampoath Pererra, a Sri Lankan palm oil worker who has made his life in Poipet, a two-street town sandwiched between the Cambodian and Thai borders. Soccer betting is illegal in Cambodia, but visitors to this seedy frontier town wouldn’t know it. The Premier League is regarded as fix-proof, but the Italian, Russian and smaller Asian leagues are suspect. The gamblers say it doesn’t affect their betting.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story is part of a six-month, multiformat AP examination of how organized crime is corrupting soccer through match-fixing.


In the rundown market where the smell of incense mixes with rotting garbage, betting goes on 24 hours a day inside shiny, glass-fronted parlors emblazoned with photos of famous European soccer players

BBC Sport – Chelsea suffer most abuse from social media trolls

Will this research change anything?

BBC sports editor Dan Roan says: “These worrying findings underline the growing problem in sport – but especially in football – of discriminatory abuse by trolls via the internet.

after admitting tweeting racially offensive comments about Fabrice Muamba after the former footballer suffered a cardiac arrest in 2012 while playing for Bolton.

Premier League clubs and players have received more than 130,000 abusive posts on social media this season, according to a study by anti-discrimination group Kick It Out.

And players?

About 39,000 discriminatory posts were directed towards Premier League players between August 2014 and March 2015.

“Kick It Out has grown frustrated by what it sees as a lack of co-ordination between the police and social media platforms over malicious posts and wants the clubs to do more. Campaigners will now hope it leads to renewed efforts to tackle it.

It focused on discriminatory messages directed at Premier League clubs and players between August 2014 and March 2015.

Facebook (8%)

Forums (3%)

Blogs (1%)

The report does not include mentions on private profiles, which are gated and could not be monitored.

How bad is it?

According to Kick It Out’s study, there have been an estimated 134,400 discriminatory posts this season related to the Premier League alone.

That equates to:

The group says it is exploring forming a group made up of representatives from football, social media platforms and police to address the level of football-related racist, sexist and homophobic abuse. Stamping that out will be extremely difficult, but this could be an important stage in that effort.”


Number of discriminatory posts

Highest proportion of abuse by type

Mario Balotelli


52% (racist)

Danny Welbeck


50% (racist)

Daniel Sturridge


60% (sexual orientation)

Where did most abuse appear?

Social media activity on Twitter accounted for 88% of the 134,400 discriminatory posts.

Read Dan’s blog on the topic from November.

Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli was targeted the most.

So what now?

Kick It Out is exploring the possibility of setting up an expert group to tackle the issue of football-related hate crime across social media and plans to meet with those working in football, the police, internet safety bodies and various social media platforms.

“Twitter says it is being proactive, but the anonymity afforded to online users can make it difficult to track down offenders.

“We must do all we can as a collective to protect those who are on the receiving end of discriminatory abuse.”

A 21-year-old student was

jailed for 56 days

while Facebook has a

community standards page 

And while Chelsea have received more abuse than any other top-flight club – the league leaders were the subject of 20,000 discriminatory posts between August 2014 and March 2015 – Liverpool were not far behind, with 19,000 abusive messages directed towards them.

It was followed by:

Kick It Out now wants to form an expert group to tackle internet trolls.

16,800 discriminatory posts a month

551 of them per day

1 abusive mention every 2.6 minutes

What do the abusers target?

What safety measures are already in place?

Twitter has an

abusive behaviour policy, 

The research found Chelsea were the most targeted club, while Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli suffered more abuse than any other player.

Which clubs are abused the most?

More than 95,000 discriminatory posts were directed towards Premier League teams.

Who does the most abusing?

78% of abuse comes from men, with 22% from women.

How were the figures collated?

The research was conducted by social media management agency Tempero and Brandwatch, a social intelligence and analytics company.

Which games attracted the most abuse?

Wood said: “So far this season, we have received 140 complaints relating to football-based hate crime on social media, yet we can see from these findings that over 134,000 discriminatory posts have occurred just in relation to the Premier League. It is a huge volume to be looking at addressing, but we must confront the problem head on.”

. outlining its policies to help keep users safe.

“The level of abuse is truly staggering,” director Roisin Wood said. There have also been prosecutions as a result of abuse targeted at sports people on social media. Social media enables fans get closer than ever to players, but it also helps a minority to abuse and insult

eBay Exposed

Washington, D.C. Best-selling categories for Orange County sellers were auto parts and cell phones and accessories. Of course, these eBay sellers could be combined with the L.A. home furnishings and auto parts.

9. Fort Lauderdale, Florida – 39,623 Fort Lauderdale eBay sellers, 2,838,954 items, $631,845,063 -. New York – 158,859 New York City eBay sellers sold 12,621,651 items for a total of $1,045,503,913. Sports memorabilia and health and beauty were best-selling categories here.

5. Orange County, California – 75,486 Orange County eBay sellers sold 6,945,490 items for a total of $636,654,084. Chicago – eBay sellers numbering 172,972 in Chicago sold 10,229,844 items for a total of $908,708,440. Nassau-Suffolk, New York – 70,714 Nassau-Suffolk eBay sellers, 5,396,880 items, $400,253,200. Best-selling categories for Dallas eBay sellers included jewelry, gems and watches, and clothing and accessories. – 112,462 D.C. seller market.

4. eBay sellers, 5,024,888 items, $393,720,726 – books and toys.

10. Best-selling categories for Los Angeles sellers were cell phones and their accessories as well as clothing and accessories.

Here is a snapshot of the top-10 eBay selling markets last year by rank:. Philadelphia – 120,900 Philadelphia eBay sellers, 7,069,212 items, for a total of $584,383,915 – collectibles and toys.

8. Houston – 76,450 Houston eBay sellers, 4,297,389 items, $528,872,858 – health and beauty, and collectibles.

6. eBay sellers to make the greater L.A. Dallas – 85,484 Dallas eBay sellers, 5,003,292 items, a total of $754,493,210. area eBay’s super-seller zone, accounting for almost $2 billion in gross mechandise revenue.

3. Best-selling categories for Chicago sellers included toys and sports memorabilia.


7. Dallas eBay sellers also made more money on sales of cars and trucks than did eBay sellers in any other top-10 U.S. Los Angeles-Long Beach, California – 196,089 eBay sellers in Los Angeles sold 24,051,645 items for a total of $1,396,037,518. Best-selling categories for New York sellers were jewelry, gems, watches and clothing and accessories.


Manchester United crushes City in derby

I’m very happy for him,” said the 63-year-old, who started with big-money signings Angel di Maria and Radamel Falcao on the bench.

Mourinho, who won two league titles in his first spell at Stamford Bridge, was unruffled by his team’s poor showing against a side battling to get out of the relegation zone.

Juan Mata threaded through the legs of City keeper Joe Hart in the 67th minute, and then Young’s free-kick set up Chris Smalling for a header.

“It’s like a little light that shines for the teams that are going to be champions. The team is very important.”

Manager Manuel Pellegrini is likely to face further scrutiny over his future, with City now 12 points behind Chelsea and knocked out of Europe and the two domestic cup competitions.

Aguero netted again at the end, and has now reach a century of goals for City, but it was a mere consolation as United put an emphatic halt to a run of five derby defeats.

“Every time I was champion I remember a couple of matches that my team won in the last minutes,” said the former Real Madrid and Inter Milan coach.

Chelsea is the last non-Manchester club to win the EPL, back in 2010, and moved closer to emulating that feat thanks to Cesc Fabregas’ 88th-minute winner at third-bottom QPR.

“If, at the end of the game, someone threw a pound coin, put it in your pocket. If someone threw a chocolate, eat it. He always plays the ball to the same color — that is also very important.”

Read: Arsenal wins eighth successive match

City made the perfect start when Sergio Aguero scored in the eighth minute, but Ashley Young capitalized on some poor defending to level soon after and then his cross helped Marouane Fellaini continue his transformation from outcast to hero as he headed United into the lead just before the half-hour mark.

City fell to a sixth defeat in eight games in all competitions, dropping four points behind United — and seven ahead of sixth-placed Liverpool, which plays its game in hand at home to Newcastle on Monday.

What’s gone wrong at Man City? Have your say on CNNFC’s Facebook page

On a day that started with Chelsea going seven points clear of capital rival Arsenal, snatching a 1-0 win at lowly Queens Park Rangers, Manchester United all-but ended the Premier League title defense of so-called “noisy neighbor” City.

“The team was very stable, and that stability is what allowed us to come to the last minute in a situation where a goal could win the game.”

United, which last won the title in 2013, consolidated third place after coming from behind to seal a 4-2 home victory Sunday that put Louis van Gaal’s team in control of its hopes of sealing an automatic European Champions League berth with six games to play.

Van Gaal praised Young, who had represented England as a winger before the Dutchman took charge after last year’s World Cup but has had to adapt to a new role as a roving wing-back.

“It’s not easy to play with more pace and trust when you’re two goals down and they have more of the ball.

The Spain midfielder was set up by Eden Hazard and substitute Oscar after a poor kick by home keeper Rob Green — it was Chelsea’s only shot on target all match.

The visiting players were pelted with missiles after that goal — Branislas Ivanovic complained of being hit by a coin — but manager Jose Mourinho did not criticize the supporters of his team’s west London rival.

Fellaini, seen by many as symptomatic of David Moyes’ miserable one-season reign at Old Trafford, has become a key figure as Van Gaal has juggled his many options up front.

“I don’t think it was a problem of pace or the United team — it was our own mistakes on at least two goals,” Pellegrini said. Everybody needs a pound!” the Portuguese said.

“The fans see he is very important for the team. “Every player can play themselves into the team. It is no problem. We lost two points in Manchester in the last minute but we won these two points, and we won two points against Everton in the last minute.

“We must continue working — we have six more games to try and to be as high in the table as we can.”

“He was our best player. “We had a lot chances at the start of the game to score another goal.

While United next travels to Chelsea on Saturday, City has the chance to bounce back at home to West Ham.. He scored goals

I want to try craps wagering for free on the internet? Which online casino site should I visit?

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Where to Find the Best Lawyers

She has been into writing for almost 5 years now, and has been into different topics. If you still cannot find one that is best for you, you can get in touch with a State Bar lawyer referral service.


To find the best personal injury lawyer, you can seek advice from an attorney that you trust. If you have no idea of where to find one, you can ask your friends for the names of the attorneys that they have worked with and trust.

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Finding a personal injury lawyer is not a hard task but finding the best lawyer can be one in a million. Try to find out an attorney in your community who contain the skills to handle cases such as yours. This will give the attorney motivation to pass on to you some information about a good personal injury lawyer. What is important is the service that he can offer to handle your case. Finding a good lawyer is not that hard at all. This fee amounts to be significant because it is usually from about a quarter to a third of the fee that you pay to the lawyer who will be handling your case. He should also be well-positioned so that you will be confident enough that he can handle your case as expected. A lawyer who is new in the service is not yet stable and handling tough cases is unmanageable.

If you are looking for names of attorneys, you can look for it from many resources. You just need to be decisive and eager to find one just by asking.

Where to Find the Best Lawyers

 by: Karen Nodalo

  . If the attorney rejects your case, he will most probably refer you to a good lawyer who is good in handling your case.

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Karen Nodalo has graduated from the Bicol University specializing in Computer Science, she graduated with flying honors being one of the top notch students of the graduating class. If you are quite uncomfortable with the referral fee, you can mind to ask the lawyer if he is going to ask for a referral fee. She has also been into student publications since her elementary years, giving her the much coveted exposure that writers of her kind battles for.

This article was posted on February 17, 2006

About The Author

You need to understand that the attorneys often receive what they call ?referral fees? when they are sending personal injury cases to other law firms or other lawyers. If you refer to a lawyer who has not been in the service for quite a long time or a beginner, it will be like gambling your case. Of course, you will be the one paying the attorney he recommends so it will be just right that you know. You can ask the advice of your friends or a health professional or even your family doctor. The Yellow Pages can be a good search or the online lawyer directory. The name of the lawyer is not that important

Self-taught computer program finds super poker strategy

Bowling is investigating the possibility of helping doctors determine proper insulin doses for diabetic patients, for example.

Poker is hard to solve because it involves imperfect information, where a player doesn’t know everything that has happened in the game he is playing – specifically, what cards the opponent has been dealt.

But Bowling doubts the poker strategy will let anybody make a fortune on the game itself. But his university has created a website where people can ask it for advice and even play against it.

While scientists have created poker-playing programs for years, Bowling’s result stands out because it comes so close to “solving” its version of the game, which essentially means creating the optimal strategy.

© 2015 The Associated Press. But over the long run – thousands of games – it won’t lose money. He said it’s the first time that an imperfect-information game that is competitively played by people has been essentially solved.. All Rights Reserved. “We can go against the best (players) in the world and the humans are going to be the ones that lose money,” said Bowling, of the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada.

Bowling’s paper, released Thursday by the journal Science, introduces some techniques that could become useful for applying game theory in real-world situations. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

In the two-player game, each contestant creates a poker hand from two cards he is dealt face-down plus five other cards placed on the table face-up. The size of the wagers is fixed.

Many real-world challenges like negotiations and auctions also include imperfect information, which is one reason why poker has long been a proving ground for the mathematical approach to decision-making called game theory.

The strategy applies specifically to a game called heads-up limit Texas Hold ‘em.

Game theory has also been used to schedule security patrols, and it has implications for other areas like developing strategies for cybersecurity, designing drugs and fighting disease pandemics.

The resulting strategy still won’t win every game because of bad luck in the cards. Players place bets before the face-up cards are laid out, and then again as each card is revealed. The kind of poker it applies to has waned in popularity over the past seven years or so, he said.

Bowling said the computer’s strategy is far too complicated for anybody to memorize, with about 1,000 times the amount of information in the English-language Wikipedia. Even online, the stakes tend to be small and “you’d be winning a few dollars, not raking in millions.”

The program considered 24 trillion simulated poker hands per second for two months, probably playing more poker than all humanity has ever experienced, says Michael Bowling, who led the project.

Michael Bowling (left) and his colleagues in the Computer Poker Research Group at UAlberta have solved heads-up limit Texas hold ‘em poker. John Ulan/University of Alberta

A computer program that taught itself to play poker has created nearly the best possible strategy for one version of the game, showing the value of techniques that may prove useful to help decision-making in medicine and other areas.

Tuomas Sandholm of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, who didn’t participate in the new work, called Bowling’s results a landmark

Suite Life on Deck Episode Guide Season 3 Episode 17: Twister: Part 1

Moseby finally kicks Dwight out and steps in to take matters in his own hands. Zack wants to take her to the Coral Room, but doesn’t have the money.. Dwight assures Cody that he’ll fill out once he hits puberty. In this Suite Life on Deck episode, Twister: Part 1, London offers to take Bailey to Kettlecorn, Kansas for her grandmother’s 90th birthday celebration. Dwight was tired of Moseby getting on his case. Bailey tells Cody that they need help.

In Kansas, London is about to hit the corn gobling when the goblin removes her mask. Zack tells him that Bailey moved back to Kettlecorn. Deron still makes the basket.

Cody regrets his break-up with Bailey and decides to follow her to Kettlecorn in hopes of winning her back.

Twister: Part 1

On the ship, Moseby is being a dictator coach to the NBA players. Zack makes the final winning show anyway.

Moseby leaves to get the promised gift card for Zack. London drives to Kettlecorn, complaining that the blimp couldn’t have dropped them off at a limo dealership. If Zack wins, he gets dinner for two at the Coral Room. They are half-brothers because they have the same mother. Moseby’s little brother and friends at basketball until he realizes that they are actually NBA all-stars.

Zack tells Dwight that they have to polish the deck with toothbrushes if they lose the bet. Cody is desperately clutching Kevin’s leg. Cody’s looking for Bailey to apologize and to return the dress he borrowed for his play. Cody needs to win the game so he can see Bailey.

Meanwhile, Zack is confident that his team can beat Mr. A corn goblin appears and begins to chase London.

London’s upset. Zack and Woody think it will be a piece of cake.

Cody pours out his “woman troubles” to an un-enthusiastic Kevin.

Zack and Cody ask where Moseby’s “wittle” friends are. Dwight remarks that Mom likes his quiche better than Moseby’s anyway. Much to their dismay, Moseby’s “wittle” brother turns out to be four-time NBA all-star Dwight Howard. Around these parts, this dumpy car is a limo.

Bailey is glum because she was hoping to go back to Kettlecorn, Kansas for her grammy’s 90th birthday. Moseby says that his mom has no palate. Dwight remarks, “you have no idea what it is like to have such an annoying brother.” Zack replies, “wanna bet?”

On the ship, the NBA players begin throwing the game. Moseby used to make Dwight polish his ballet medals. Something is banging on the car as Cody calls. Maya won’t be back for a week. Cody thinks he’s over Bailey until Moseby greets them with “Hello Losers!” That was the last thing that Bailey had said to Cody.

Zack tells Dwight that Moseby gives Dwight an even harder time than he does Zack. She knows that there’s no such thing as a corn goblin. London offers to take Bailey herself on her blouse blimp. Unfortunately, their blimp crashes, leaving them stranded in corn country.

London tells Bailey that she was never fooled. Zack wants to win the game by hitting Deron in the knee with a lead pipe, but Cody refuss. Zack remarks that “half-brother” is appropriate because Moseby is half Dwight’s size.

Dwight tells Cody to call Bailey and to tell her how he feels. London vows to put it through the blender, but she can’t figure out how it works.

On the ship, Zack tells Cody that whever the ball is, be somewhere else.

London keeps asking if we’re there yet. London thought that “E” stood for “entirely full.”


This Suite Life of Deck episode is Part 1 of a 3-part story arc.

Dwight Howard’s friends are NBA stars Deron Williams (who also likes puppies) and Kevin Love (who got a free hat).

Zack remarks that they’re stuck with Cody (Cole Sprouse) as the third person for their team. Moseby has been telling him what to do since they were the same height. Bailey asks why London didn’t fill the tank. It’s Bailey playing a joke on London. The car runs out of gas. Bailey tries to pass the time by playing I Spy, but all they spy is corn.

This is season 3, episode 17 of Disney Channel’s Suite Life on Deck. He bets that his little brother Dwight and two friends can beat Zack and Woody at basketball. Dwight is sick of it. Woody gets to use the private bathroom in the captain’s room. On the blimp, London comments that “we can play darts.” Bad idea–the darts poke holes in the blimp, causing it to crash.

This episode begins with Bailey (Debby Ryan) chasing London (Branda Song) who has taken her chicken clucking alarm clock. Dwight calls their mom to inform her of what his brother had said.

In Kansas, London complains that she hates corn. Dwight ponders and beckons his teammates.

In Kansas, London is alone and scared of the howling wolf noises and images of a corn goblin. Cody is upset that Bailey didn’t even say good-bye.

The basketball players are demolishing the boys. Bailey’s sick of London being so mean, so she leaves to find a gas station five miles away.

Moseby asks Dwight how he could betray his own brother. She wanted to take Bailey to Kettlecorn and to leave her stranded. Bailey continues to chase London.

London and Bailey are stuck in the middle of corn country. Zack reluctantly agrees but reminds him that it’s not a date.

Moseby tells the NBA players that it is not enough just to win. But if Moseby wins, they have to scrub the entire fiesta deck with toothbrushes. Cody’s 17.

Moseby (Phil Lewis) sees them playing basketball. She’s excited about their 3-month anniversary. Moseby shows them an elaborate diagram of a new game plan. They hear howling wolf noises. He wants the players to grind them to dust and to make them cry (Cody is already crying over Bailey). Deron and Kevin regret going on vacation with Dwight.

Camera flashes to Cody pouring his heart out to Deron and Kevin.

Back on the ship, the basketball players are still winning. It’s dinner for 2 at the Coral Room, but there’s a catch.  The voucher expires tonight. Woody offers to go to dinner with Zack. Bailey warns her that she’d better not let the Corn Goblin hear her say that. Zack tries to make it difficult for Deron by asking him to keep taking a step back until he’s at the other end of the ship. Kevin tearfully agrees and runs off to make a phone call.

Woody (Matthew Timmons) attempts to play basketball while Zack (Dylan Sprouse) receives a text message from his girlfriend, Maya. You only have one shot at love. He wreaks revenge on those who hate corn