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History of the Horse Racing Industry

A fan of horse racing or not, here’s some interesting information about this sport I am sure you did not know. Besides being a spectacular sport, it is also a widespread form of recreational gambling. The major forms of horse racing are thoroughbred racing, harness racing, steeplechase racing, quarter horse racing, etc. Along with the history of the horse racing industry, this article provides information…

Horse Racing

Brief History of the Kentucky Derby


The Kentucky Derby had nationwide television coverage for the first time on May 3, 1952. From the various types of racing to the dangers associated to this sport, know it all, here in this very article!

Famous Horse Racing Courses Around the World

Horse racing has been a popular sport throughout the world for thousands of years now. But all said and done, for those who are ardent fans and practitioners of horse betting, a strategy or even a single tip is of great value on a given day.

If you are interested in knowing how the horse racing and breeding industry grew over the last couple of centuries, you are on the right page. Learn more about horse racing from the articles given below.

Horse racing is one of the fanciest, wealthiest and most popular sports in the world. In addition to major horse races like the Triple Crown, the Belmont Stakes, and the Kentucky Derby, there are horse races held every day, during each season on tracks such as Gulfstream and Santa Anita. The venue of the sport is just about as popular as its contestants are! Here is an account of the world’s most famous horse racing courses.

Horse Racing Betting Strategy

Betting is based on numerous systems which people claim to have mastered

An Analysis of William Ernest Henley’s Poem “Invictus”

It was during this dark time in his life when he wrote “Invictus” (Invictus: A Study Guide). This is proven through the circumstances that the poem was written under. 2011.

Invictus: A Study Guide. 1 Mar. The fact that Henley wrote this during a dark time in his life added a wealth of emotion to the poem; he was writing from his heart and it was obvious. 1 Mar. Later he developed the same infection in his other leg and was told it would have to be removed as well. He refused to submit to the idea that someone else was in control of his life. When you read the poem you can see how passionate he felt: “I thank whatever gods may be / For my unconquerable soul” (Henley). Twenty months later Henley had finally recovered and was able to leave the hospital. It is the idea that you control your fate more than anyone else ever will. 2011.


Parallels Between “Invictus” and Henley’s Life:

The theme of “Invictus”is one that appeals to most people. Web. The overarching theme of the poem is relevant to everyone because when it comes down to it, we all want to feel like our life actually has meaning and is not just a sum of chance circumstances and happenings.

Invictus (2009) – Synopsis.” The Internet Movie Database (IMDb). In the poem he cites “the bludgeonings of chance,” which shows he felt it was simply fate that this happened to him, and yet he went on to defiantly state that he was in control of his own destiny (Henley). In 2009 Clint Eastwood directed a film, Invictus, based on Nelson Mandela’s first year in office, with the poem’s themes woven throughout the fabric of the story (Invictus (2009) – Synopsis).

“Invictus” was written by Henley when he was in the hospital with tuberculosis. The theme is one of triumph and survival. Winston Churchill and Martin Luther King Jr. While in his twenties he contracted a tubercular infection that led to his leg being amputated below the knee. Web. Instead of succumbing to despair, Henley was able to be thankful that, though his body was beaten, his soul wasn’t.

Henley, William Ernest. In a world that cares nothing for us and often seems to be trying to destroy us, we can overcome all odds and be victorious because we, and we alone, are masters of our own fate. Instead of submitting to the original prognosis of the doctors and having his other leg removed, Henley chose to take charge of his life, find a new doctor, and ultimately change the course of his life (Invictus: A Study Guide). This theme was carried over into the film Invictus. “Invictus.” PoemHunter.Com – Thousands of Poems and Poets. 1 Mar. He did not waste his time despairing over what he had lost, but instead focused on getting better. Henley refused to have it amputated and sought the help of a doctor who had developed antiseptic medicine.

Even in the midst of horrible circumstances, Henley refused to let life defeat him, but instead he rose up and fought back: “In the fell clutch of circumstance / I have not winced nor cried aloud” (Henley). Web. 2011.. were also known to quote this poem. Poetry Search Engine. Despite all odds, despite all expectations, they took control of their destinies and came out victorious.

William Ernest Henley is the author of the poem "Invictus"""

The poem “Invictus”, written by William Ernest Henley, has significant parallels to the author’s own life struggles. You can also see how desperately determined he was: “I am the master of my fate / I am the captain of my soul” (Henley). It can be seen in Nelson Mandela’s rise from prisoner to President, in the rugby team’s climb from national embarrassment to national champions, and in South Africa’s transition from apartheid to unity (Invictus (2009) – Synopsis). By looking closely at “Invictus”, you can clearly see the struggles that Henley went through in his own life.

The Main Themes

“Invictus” is a powerful and well written poem, and it is made so because of how it so perfectly relates to the author’s life. “Invictus” is a classic piece of literature and was an inspiration to Nelson Mandela, a man who helped bring equality to South Africa. Free Study Guides for Shakespeare and Other Authors

Turkmen president extends personality cult to horse racing

Akhal Teke horses have been given as a gift to the leaders of Iran, France, Russia, Kazakhstan and other nations.

. (Reporting by Marat Gurt; Writing by Dmitry Solovyov; Editing by Mark Heinrich)

“The spectators’ attention was riveted on the golden arrow – Berkarar, led by the leader of the nation. All was decided by fractions of a second, and Berkarar was the first to cross the finish line,” the Neitralny Turkmenistan daily wrote.

“President Kurbanguly Berdymukhamedov has yet again demonstrated not only his high class as a horse rider, but also his strong will, firmness and courage.”

State media on Monday showed Berdymukhamedov riding a shimmering straw-coloured horse of the national Akhal Teke breed named Berkarar (Mighty).

Berdymukhamedov, 55, will donate his $11 million prize to a state company breeding the Akhal Teke horses, local media said.

ASHGABAT, April 29 (Reuters) – Turkmen President Kurbanguly Berdymukhamedov has taken his strongman personality cult to a new dimension with headlines in the state-run media trumpeting his victory in a horse race with an $11 million prize.

The 1,000-metre (3,300-foot) race was held on Sunday when Turkmenistan celebrated The Day of the Turmen Racehorse – a holiday established by Niyazov to honour the local noble breed renowned for its speed and elegant grace.

Earlier Turkmen state television reports have lionised Central Asia’s youngest and most sporting leader by featuring him flying in a supersonic fighter jet, riding a tank, shooting an assault rifle and removing a benign tumour. He was wearing a traditional white Turkmen “telpek” sheepskin hat and crimson caftan.

A professional dentist also known for his passion for glitzy racing cars, Berdymukhamedov has run the post-Soviet republic with an iron hand since 2006 when his flamboyant autocratic predecessor, Saparmurat Niyazov, died of a heart attack.

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ASHGABAT, April 29 Mon Apr 29, 2013 9:53am EDT

Widely referred to as “Arkadag” (The Patron) at home, he wields almost absolute power in the secretive, isolated Central Asian desert country of 5.5 million people that holds the world’s fourth-largest reserves of natural gas.

Turkmenistan, the only Central Asian nation that does not consume horsemeat, has developed a virtual cult of its “divine horses”

2012: How horse racing became cool

“It’s a shame. Instead, a four-year-old horse called Frankel is about to make history by winning his 14th — and final — consecutive race.

Changing perceptions

And it seemed to work. You had 32,000 people all on their feet, cheering him on, it was just the most emotional moment,” Simon Bazalgette, chief executive of The Jockey Club, said of the horse’s last race.

Similarly, a small army of Black Caviar fans — draped in the horse’s native Australian flag or salmon pink silks — cheered on the mare to victory at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Stakes at Royal Ascot in June. He’s an important face in horse racing.”. is a horse

Read: Hidden world of jockey heaving bowls

The jostling crowd surges forward, camera phones held high to catch a glimpse of the superstar flanked by a dense entourage.

Weathering the storm

But the pomp and pageantry of racing — think silly hats, freeflowing champagne and manicured gardens — means that the general public has long viewed it as a fun day out, rather than a competitive sport.

One jockey not shying away from the camera this year was Canadian Chantal Sutherland.

Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed celebrated as Mikael Barzalona rode Monterosso to victory in the the emirate’s World Cup in April, but the result was somewhat overshadowed by the death of another Godolphin horse, Fox Hunt, in the inaugural Gold Cup held earlier in the meeting.

France’s Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe was won by four-year-old filly Solemia, who denied Japan’s Orfevre in his bid to become the first non-European trained victor. However, the overall figure of 280,000 for all five days was down 14,000 from last year.

Story highlights

2012 is a big year in horse racing as 6 million people head to the track

Rise of celebrity horses Frankel and Black Caviar helps create buzz

Female jockey Chantal Sutherland in naked photoshoot before retiring

Biggest challenge is British weather, with 119 races canceled

Sutherland said she was now looking forward to “cutting loose and having a cheeseburger or some pizza.”

“He’s admitted it was a moment of madness,” Bazalgette said. But once you understand the theater of it, once you know the big names, it becomes so much more enjoyable.”

But it’s not an A-list actor or musician throwing the fans into a frenzy. Not just a pretty face, she had more than 900 wins in a career spanning 12 years.

International highlights

It’s a testament to the popularity of the celebrity colt who, much like Madonna, Prince or Beyonce, needs no last name. Frankel’s trainer Henry Cecil, who is battling cancer, was also “hugely loved,” Bazalgette added.

Read: Tall, dark and handsome muse… But it’s also an indication of just how far horse racing has come in 2012.

In Australia, the Melbourne Cup was won by a home horse for the first time since 2009 as Green Moon headed off a strong field of “international invaders.”

“It’s a bit of an eccentric world, horse racing. These guys are living and breathing the sport, putting in a huge number of hours. The sport’s poster boy, Italian jockey Frankie Dettori, was given a six-month ban earlier this month after failing a drugs test in France.

The biggest challenge for the UK racing industry this year? The great British weather — which forced the cancellation of 119 races up to the start of December.

Read: Jockey who refused to stay in the kitchen

Rise of the celebrity horse

A buzz ripples through the packed stadium as word quickly spreads: “He’s here.”

But the model perhaps garnered more attention off the track for her naked photoshoot on a horse in Vanity Fair in June.

A lot of the hype was due to celebrity horses such as Frankel and Australia’s Black Caviar, who remains unbeaten in 22 consecutive races and even appeared on the front cover of Vogue.

The three-year-old had been seeking to be the first horse in 34 years to win the treble, having triumphed at the 138th Kentucky showpiece in May and then the Preakness Stakes.

“Those types of indulgences are not allowed when you constantly have to monitor your weight,” she added.

“When it comes to talking to the media, jockeys are a bit of a challenge.

“After the Diamond Jubilee weekend it didn’t stop raining until the end of July,” Bazalgette said. Danedream was unable to defend her title due to an outbreak of equine infectious anaemia at the racing yard in the German city of Cologne where she is trained.

A sold-out crowd of 32,500 people watched Frankel win Champions Day at Ascot in October — the highest number for an autumn flat racing event in Britain.

I’ll Have Another developed a foreleg injury that trainer Doug O’Neill described as “freakish.”

Jockeys are put under enormous pressure to meet miniature weight requirements, with sweat suits, saunas, hot baths and starvation are some of the methods used to keep trim.

“Probably the most amazing moment of the year was Frankel winning the Champion Stakes. They can be difficult to pin down.”

Meanwhile, a record 130,000 punters attended the prestigious Epsom Derby in July, which launched Queen Elizabeth’s official jubilee celebrations, making it the largest sports crowd in Britain in 2012.

Far better recognized were celebrity owners such as TV entertainers Ant and Dec, actress Judi Dench and Britain’s Queen Elizabeth. “There was a good six weeks when we lost meetings.”

These were champions of a caliber rarely seen in one generation, let alone competing at the peaks of their careers in the same year.

But some relief is in sight — albeit slight — after the British Horseracing Authority last month raised the minimum weight by two pounds to 8 stone (50 kg), from January next year.

The 36-year-old made history after becoming the first woman to compete in the world’s richest horse race, the $10 million Dubai World Cup, in March.

Across the Atlantic, the winner of the United States’ premier race, the Kentucky Derby, was denied the chance of a Triple Crown after being forced to retire ahead of the Belmont Stakes.

Ladies’ Day

The three-time champion, who earlier announced the end of his long tenure with the Godolphin stable, said it was not a performance-enhancing substance.

This year however, racing attracted a new audience who knew the names of horses, recognized industry heavyweights and understood the importance of big competitions.

More people were also watching horse racing on TV, with 11 million tuning in to Britain’s biggest competition, The Grand National — up 2 million on last year.

Whatever the weather, the outlook looks bright for horse racing in 2013.

Racing authorities also confirmed that the legendary Secretariat set a record time in winning the 1973 Preakness event, ending a controversy that had lasted almost four decades.

In a new digital age, their fame was carefully cultivated. Marketing teams set up Twitter accounts, Facebook profiles, and pedaled merchandise online.

It’s the second biggest spectator sport in Britain after football, with around 6 million people heading to the track every year.

A weighty issue

Sutherland, who did much to raise the profile of female jockeys in a traditionally male-dominated sport, retired in October. Attendance at races starring Frankel were up 20% on last year.

Dettori’s shame

However, it wasn’t a flawless year for racing

Vietnam Online Gambling Busts Target 12Bet,

The operation catered not to locals but to gamblers in South Korea, who set up around 4k accounts with the site and wagered over KRW 20b ($18.6m) before police moved in on Wednesday.. The arrested individuals claimed they had been dispatched to Vietnam by another Korean named Choi Hojun. This ring was linked to another Philippines-based site,, considered one of the predominant sites catering to Vietnamese punters. On Friday, police detained 10 people, including To Cong Hung, the owner of the Vietnamese version of gay lifestyle magazine Attitude.

January 24, 2015

Also on Friday, police in Ba Ria Vung Tau province deported six South Korean nationals for operating an illegal betting site out of a rented villa in Vung Tau City. Before police swooped in, the site handled over VND 1.4t in wagers.

Thanh Nien News reported that local police detected signs of illegality in the villa then took their findings to South Korean police, who confirmed the interaction with local gamblers.

Police say the ring operated a website that connected local gamblers with the Philippine-based 12Bet. Vietnam deported 33 other South Koreans for much the same activity last July.

vietnam-12bet-m88-online-gambling-bustsOnline gambling was a hot topic in Vietnam this week as Ho Chi Minh City police shut down an illegal gambling ring linked to online betting operator 12Bet. Police had monitored the site for months, during which time the operators handled over VND 1t (US $46.8m) in wagers.

Friday also saw police commence legal proceedings against 36 individuals arrested in July as part of the 2014 FIFA World Cup betting crackdown. Hung reportedly ran the website, while his sister and other agents controlled bank accounts through which money was collected from and distributed to gamblers

Beat the House with this Supabets Blackjack Strategy

You are probaqly thinking that’s a good hand and are happy to happy to have 17. Only in THIS case will you have a statistical chance of winning money in the long run. Use money management to supplememnt this – bet more when the deck is still heavy in tens and Aces (card counting per se is frowned on, of course, but you sould always have some grasp on what’s already been played!). As 20 is such a phenomenally strong hand, NEVER split it 10 10 (and likewise an Ace 9 should never be doubled). An 18, in the subconscious mind, is therefore ‘nearly 21′!! What about 19? Can we regularly stand on 19 and win money in the long run? 19 MUST be a winning hand! The answer is… If you hit a hard 17 you will expreience mounting losses, so the wise course of action is simply to stand. The general case – always double 10 if the dealer is showing 9 or less. There is a further disadvantage too, when the dealer hits soft 17, as follows. 18 ain’t such a great hand! Human psycology is what makes us think the opposite – 18 is ‘nearly 19′, and 19, or course, is ‘nearly 20′. It’s a winning hand – and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Kent Clarke writes gaming articles for You will now be wondering how you can make money, given these facts. You probably realize that the chances of winning if you stand on your 17 – 21 are very important, so what are they? Not as good as you might like!

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This article was posted on December 20, 2004

This brings us to the statistical realization that over 2 thirds of your blackjack winnings at will come from these 2 hands (Ace 10 and 10 10). This is the simplest way to turn the blackjack odds in your favour, and ensure you leave the casino with more money than you went in with! Good luck!

About The Author

. You will still actually LOSE money when the dealer’s showing a 9, 10 or Ace. Imagine you stand with 18. If we are talking multiple decks always double down on 11 if the dealer is showing 10 or less. Yes, except if the dealer shows a 10 or Ace. This hand will make you money in the long run whatever the dealer holds, even including an Ace. Standing on 17 is not a good idea!

Now you know that 17 is actually not a good hand, you have probably already realized you should never stand on soft 17 (instead you should either hit or double down). Always stand on hard and soft 19. Further down the chain, the bulk of the rest of your winnings will come from only 5 more hands – 11, 10 9, 10, Ace 9, and Ace 8. Always stand on soft 18, except if the dealer is showing a 3 through 6, where you should double down. If that is the case, your 19 will still cause you to lose money in the long run. If you bust, you have lost, whereas if you hold blackjack the worse case scenario is a tie with the dealer with the best case scenario being you get paid a bonus of 1.5 times your stake. Make a mental note – you only stand a fighting chance when the dealer has a 6 showing. Of course, often you can stand on 17 and still win a hand but the numbers add up inexorably – over time you will end up losing more money than you win UNLESS the dealer shows a 6. You may reproduce this article in full, including the courtesy notice.

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Beat the House with this Supabets Blackjack Strategy

 by: Kent Clarke

Now the bad news – the following hands are responsible for the vast majority (almost 85%!) of your losses. The most money is lost in this scenario when the dealer shows a 9, the least when the dealer shows a 4 or a 5. You can’t. In the game of blackjack, the final hand you hold can only be one of the following – a blackjack, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16 or less, or bust. That’s why you must burn in the strategies for these hands because they are the ones that will make you money. Hard to believe, huh? When you get up to 20 you are basically in the money. Beware of hard 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17. The statistics prove though, that you will lose more often than win if the dealer shows any face card except a 6. With an 18, and over the long run you are going to make money when the dealer shows a 2 to 8 face card. Always hit when the dealer is showing a 9, 10 or Ace but stand on 2, 7, and 8.

Here’s an example stand on 17 in a 6 deck game (the dealer must stand on 17). This has GOT to be better than standing on 17, right? Yes, but the improvement in your odds might surprise you. For this reason you should never stand, but should always hit a soft 18 if the dealer shows a 9, 10, or Ace.

If we run statistical ‘Monte Carlo’ analysis of Black Jack, we find that in the imaginary case of you ALWAYS having 18, the surprising fact is that you would LOSE an average of about 65 cents for every $100 you bet. The hard 12 through 16 hands are long term loseing hands whatever strategy you adopt. The overall message? Gear the basic playing strategy into your head so you can play it without thinking – know what to do when the winning hands appear

Casino Nation – :

ItâEUR(TM)s hard to believe that in living memory gaming was almost nowhere and gambling was vice, if not sin.

Listen to an On Point discussion about gambling on a roll in America?

Where are we headed here?  A casino on every corner?  Is this good fun?  Good money? Or a problem?

Gambling is all over American life these days and still growing. Now there are 43.

. Is this OK?  And will it still pay if everybodyâEUR(TM)s in on the games?

And casinos? Once they were the exclusive marks of sin cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

Bottom line: Americans would rather roll the dice and grab those revenues than pay more taxes. In 1960, there was not a single state lottery in the country. Now, a dozen states have commercial casinos.  28 have Indian casinos.

WeâEUR(TM)ve got slots at the track, poker on the Internet, and scratch tickets all over

National Football League – InfoBarrel

Each NFL team plays 4 exhibition games against other NFL teams, except for the 2 teams playing in the Hall of Fame game, as they have 5 total games. The 4 division winners from each conference make it, as well as 2 wild cards – the 2 non-division-winning teams with the best records.

AFC West

July – Training Camp

Each NFL offseason, there are several key events that change league dynamics and have an effect on the playing season. Certain games on Thursdays and Saturdays can also be found on the NFL Network.

Teams. The league really become what we know it as today after the 1970 AFL-NFL merger and has added several more expansion teams over the years to form the league we see today.

In May and June, Offseason Team Activities (OTAs) and Mini-camps are held. Several of these activities are considered voluntary, but many players are expected to show up.

Dallas Cowboys

New York Giants

Philadelphia Eagles

Washington Redskins

NFC East


The top 2 division winners from each conference receive a bye, making it so 8 teams play in the first or “Wild Card” round. These are smaller camps and team activities meant to get rookies up to speed and aid players in their conditioning and preparation for these season. Below is a list of every current NFL team as of 2010, grouped by division.


Denver Broncos

Kansas City Chiefs

Oakland Raiders

San Diego Chargers

NFL Logo (18207)The National Football League, or NFL, is a collection of 32 different franchises and is the best and most popular American football league in the world.

The winners of the divisional round advance to the conference championship, and the winners of the conference championship games advance as their conference’s representative in the Super Bowl.

Houston Texans

Indianapolis Colts

Jacksonville Jaguars

Tennessee Titans

The NFL regular season consists of 17 weeks with each team playing 16 games and having 1 bye week. Sunday Night Football games are televised on NBC and Monday Night Football games can be found on ESPN. They are listed below in chronological order.

AFC East

Of those 16 games, 8 are home games and 8 are away.

Founded in 1920, the league has changed greatly over the years and has had a name change, took teams from two other leagues, and has had a total of 87 different franchises throughout its history. These 32 teams are spread across 2 conferences, the American Football Conference (AFC) and National Football Conference (NFC) and 8 divisions, 4 per conference. This process begins in early March and most of the activity happens during the first 1-2 weeks of free agency, with a few signings happening over the rest of the spring and summer.

The Season

Buffalo Bills

Miami Dolphins

New England Patriots

New York Jets

March – Free Agency

Atlanta Falcons

Carolina Panthers

New Orleans Saints

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The NFL draft takes place on the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of the last full weekend in the month of April. All Sunday afternoon games with an NFC away team are televised on Fox. Draft order is determined by taking the order in which teams finished and inverting it, with the worst team drafting first and theoretically getting access to better players.

The winners of the Wild Card round advance to the division round, with the lower-ranked of the 2 winners facing the #1 team from that conference, and the other winner facing the #2 team.

NFL games are currently televised on 5 different channels in the United States. All Sunday afternoon games with an AFC away team are televised on CBS. Viewers may also have access to the Red Zone channel, which acts as an automated channel-changer, showing the best games and all of the big plays and touchdowns from every game.

AFC South

NFC North


The NFL preseason begin in early August each and year and runs through early September. NFL Sunday Ticket allows viewers to watch any NFL game of their choosing every Sunday.

NFC West


Regular Season

AFC North

April – NFL Draft

There are currently 32 NFL franchises in the NFL, spanning across the entire United States and representing 23 different states and 31 different cities. In each conference, the 3rd-best team plays the 6th-best team, and the 4th plays the 5th.

Either the week before or week after the Super Bowl (it has been changed lately), the NFL has an All-Star game called the Pro Bowl, which is played in either Honolulu, HI or the site of the Super Bowl.

In mid-July training camps start around the NFL, with official practices beginning and teams preparing for the regular season.

Baltimore Ravens

Cincinnati Bengals

Cleveland Browns

Pittsburgh Steelers

NFC South

For players whose contracts have expired, they get the chance to experience free agency and sign with another NFL team. Each team’s schedule can be broken down as follows:

Chicago Bears

Detroit Lions

Green Bay Packers

Minnesota Vikings

6 games – 2 games each against the 3 divisional opponents

4 games – against 1 other division from the same conference

4 games – against 1 other division from the opposite conference

2 games – against the 2 teams from the 2 other divisions in the same conference which finished in the same place in the standings last season (ex: 2nd place AFC West plays 2nd place AFC East and AFC North)

The NFL season consists of 3 parts: the preseason, regular season, and postseason.

May, June – OTAs and Mini-Camps

Games can be seen on the local affiliates of networks, or viewers can choose to purchase special packages such as NFL Sunday Ticket from DirecTV. The draft is a 7 round event in which teams can acquire the rights to eligible players, primarily those leaving college. These games do not affect the records of any of the teams and are simply to prepare for the regular season and for the coaches to evaluate their rosters, trimming them from 80 players to 53.

Of those 4 games, 2 are home games and 2 are away.

Arizona Cardinals

San Francisco 49ers

Seattle Seahawks

St. Louis Rams

After the conclusion of the regular season, 12 teams qualify for the playoffs, 6 teams from each conference

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Wary of pollsters, Indians draw election tips from illegal bookies

Few people doubt that BJP will emerge as the single largest party in the 543-seat Lok Sabha, parliament’s lower house.

A member of election duty staff writes numbers on electronic voting machines (EVM) inside a strong room ahead of the 2014 general elections in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad March 21, 2014.

NEW DELHI Mon Mar 24, 2014 12:49am EDT


A member of election duty staff writes numbers on electronic voting machines (EVM) inside a strong room ahead of the 2014 general elections in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad March 21, 2014.

Credit: Reuters/Amit Dave

Their credibility suffered a fresh blow last month when a local news channel ran a sting operation alleging that some pollsters fiddled data in return for cash.

The ruling Congress party is badly handicapped. Most also failed to price in the anti-corruption Aam Aadmi party’s surprise victory in Delhi’s local elections in December.

The smart money says the only question at stake is whether the BJP will capture enough seats to convince potential coalition partners to join a government led by Modi, whose Hindu nationalist ideology might make some wary of joining his side.

Outside of horseracing – there is a track next to the prime minister’s residence – most forms of gambling are illegal in India, although two of its 28 states have casino licenses