101 Reasons To Take A Cruise.

Relishing The Best Of Thane And Its Beautiful Surroundings By: sandeep M | Jun 9th 2015 – Thane is one is a suburb of Mumbai. Escape from reality. Learn Italian, French, or Spanish.

75. Picnic under a palm tree.

71. Shoot “hoops” surrounded by blue sky and sparkling water.

57. Jet ski across turquoise waters.

70. Take a themed cruise: bingo, movies, sports, …

21. The Greek Islands.

80. Be tempted by world-famous chefs.

69. Enjoy scrumptious food around the clock.

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101 reasons to take a cruise.

1. Mingle with celebrities.

68. Sip a mint julep while listening to ragtime.

58. Seychelles.

98. Browse through a well-stocked library.

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Do Everything Or Nothing At All

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88. Be waited on hand and foot.

2. Take sailboarding lessons.

72. South America.

99. Be a star on Talent Night.

28. See whales, dolphins, and flying fish.

77. Flex your pecs at the health club.

36. Scuba dive along a reef.

43. Wander through ancient ruins.

62. Capture dazzling sunsets on film.

41. Take your sweetie on a second honeymoon.

73. Dine in a tuxedo or formal gown.

25. Swing to the beat of a big band.

50. Eat gourmet food every night and never see a price.

51. The Mediterranean.

93. Play bridge or backgammon.

56. Try your hand at electronic blackjack.

38. Things might have changed over the years but the fes …

. Partying on the wheels can escalate the excitement of every attendeemaking them f … Canada.

87. See America – down its coastlines and up its rivers – or take in some of these:

79. Australia / New Zealand.

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Visit The San Leandro Cherry Festival With Luxor Cab By: Luxor Cabs | Jun 6th 2015 – Cherry Festival is a longstanding San Leandro tradition, which celebrates our past, present and future. Disco ’til dawn.

16. Parasail high above the ocean.

9. India.

91. Each year, on the 22nd of May, the world celebrates an International Biodiversity … Africa.

82. Water ski in clear blue water.

78. Paddle down river in a kayak or canoe.

66. Consume Caspian Caviar.

32. Hold a family reunion.

13. Meanwhile, today the city … The United Kingdom.

101. Treat yourself to a facial.

12. Take your toddler to day-camp at sea.

17. Mexico.

94. Snorkel in crystal clear, coral-filled waters.

33. Baltics.

85. Alaska.

83. Spot an exotic bird or flower.

61. Cu Lao Cau “” The Islandish Paradise Of Binh Thuan Province By: Quyen Nguyen | Jun 9th 2015 – Cu Lao Cau Island has been planned to be an eco tourist spot as well as a marine life preservation zone in Vietnam. Watch for a green flash.

46. Then try around the world !

Sustainable Tourism- Seychelles Style By: Seychelles | Jun 9th 2015 – Seychelles is a member of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). Ride horseback through jungles.

63. Hold a business conference (maybe tax deductible) onboard a ship.

24. Renew your wedding vows.

22. Golf – by computer or in person – on the world’s best courses.

60. Visit five ports, but unpack just once.

4. Sleep ’til noon. Having … Call home from your cabin.

74. Europe

89. “Disappear” during a magic act.

54. The South Pacific.

96. Be-bop with top jazz musicians.

64. Polish your golf swing with the pros.

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20. Indonesia / Southeast Asia.

92. It is the gem of Binh Thuan Province tha … Charter a sailboat.

76. Take a yoga class.

6. Indulge in a massage.

49. Doze in the sun.

37. Get married in your favorite port.

14. 18. Go to a fashion show.

27. The Panama Canal.

95. Shoot craps.

40. It is a port city that was major site of colonization for the Portuguese in the medieval era. Enjoy the best of Broadway.

34. Meditate at sunrise.

52. Jump into a pool.

10. Study at sea – genealogy, marine biology, …

30. Dance under the stars.

8. Shop onboard for French perfume and Swiss watches.

11. Relax in a hot tub.

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84. Laugh ’til it hurts at a comedy show.

23. Send your teeager to a “rock the boat” party.

35. You don’t need a designated driver.

29. Rent a moped at the dock.

65. Play a fast game of racquetball.

47. Meet your favorite sports stars.

53. Far East / Orient.

90. Turn your day from 9 to 5 to 9 to Ah-h-h!

31. Ride a helicopter over a waterfall.

3. Request a song at the piano bar.

48. 55. Tahiti.

100. Walk a mile on deck.

42. Have Baked Alaska en route to Anchorage.

15. Explore a centuries-old castle.

67. Bermuda.

86. Scandinavia.

97. Go to a wine tasting.

19. It can be booked while looking through the time table of trains or my trips. Get a full house under a full moon.


Are Nepal quakes proof positive of disastrous earth changes to come? You bet! – San Jose Psychic

- Afghanistan/Tajikistan quake

0627 a.m. They also said this will not be a “slow-motion event taking millions of years to complete,” but more like the “blink of an eye.”

Chain of tremors . .

After Nepal’s recent disastrous earthquakes, does anyone need more proof of major earth changes to come? Does anyone still doubt that India is being violently shoved down and under the Himalayas? Will two massive, and downgraded, earthquakes and scores of aftershocks within a two-week period convince you?

As most of the world knows, Nepal and the Himalayan region, still reeling from the devastating 7.8 quake on April 25, suffered a second major earthquake on May 12 – a 7.3 magnitude quake that hit halfway between Kathmandu and Mt. . As India is pushed down and under the Himalayas, Nepal is being pushed up, and so quakes like this will be the new norm for Nepal, as well as India, Bhutan, and Bangladesh, as the Pole Shift approaches.

On May 12, at least four major earthquakes jolted Asia, three of them within minutes of each other. it’s important.

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Indonesia like India, Bhutan, and Bangladesh will fare poorly prior to and during the coming Pole Shift. . Some of the dots will be connected for you. and one at 3:15 a.m.

Japan: 6.8 quake jolted areas damaged by the 2011 quake and tsunami that triggered nuclear meltdown at Fukushima

UK: Not one but two sign collapses in London. . Connected? You be the judge of that!

How about the “chain of tremors” that rattled not only Nepal, but also north and east India, the Afghanistan/Tajikistan border, Indonesia, and Japan to name only a few – all on Tuesday, May 12, 2015 with three of these major quakes happening in less than 60 minutes? Coincidence?

Just let earth change disasters and your intuition be your guide about what to do and when.

Even Pole Shift skeptics should agree that two huge earthquakes in Nepal within two weeks of each other is “NOT NORMAL,” but rather part of the new normal for Planet Earth. . . Share this information with those with eyes to see and ears to hear . .

Be sure to share this information with others . In a recent three-day period (May 10, 11, and 12), several meters of land in southern coastal India were washed away by the advancing ocean. This latest quake was not an aftershock, but a 7.3 quake in its own right, followed by more than six aftershocks. Thanks.

As can be seen from recent seismic activity in these areas, pressure is building rapidly as Planet X (Nibiru) closes the gap between itself and Earth, creating a hotbed of earth change disasters and massive land shifts for not only Asian countries, but for the entire world.. a crane collapsed in Dong Thap killing a mother and her two children.)

Indonesia: 6.2 quake in the Banda Sea at 0722 UTC.

New Zealand: 4.0 earthquake in the morning followed two overnight quakes, one at 11:30 p.m.

Earth wobble is worse . Everest, near the Chinese border.

All three in about 40 minutes. . – Nepal (7.3)

Take a brief look at earth change events on one day in May – Tuesday, May 12, 2015, the day of the Nepal earthquake, and you decide if the earth wobble is getting worse:

Map by CSIR-NGRI, Hyderabad shows seismicity above magnitude 4.5 in Nepal region from Apr 25 to May 11 and that of May 12.

Pole Shift skeptics should agree .

0610 a.m. Their epicenters stretched from Afghanistan-Tajikistan to Nepal-Tibet border to Indonesia regions. – Indonesia (6.2)

0650 a.m. . . . Vietnam: Crane collapse in Hanoi at construction site at 0900 UTC, second such accident in days. and by all means, sharpen your survival skills. In the morning, a billboard collapsed and fell on woman on her way to work around 0900 UTC and just hours later at 9:40 p.m., a sign situated above KK Stationers crashed onto the street below, just yards from morning billboard collapse.

Canada: Rock face collapsed on Sudbury highway sending massive boulders crashing across the road

California: Broken water main described as “colossal” shot a geyser into air, flooded streets, created a sinkhole in Los Angeles Tuesday morning

Texas: A massive sinkhole collapsed a road in Corpus Christi

For residents to even consider rebuilding in this area, might be unwise, but then we all have free will. .

Actually, you will need an earthquake score sheet to track the seismic activity in Asia of late, but specifically on Tues, May 12. And, lest we forget, on that same day only about 3 hours later (0912 GMT), a 6.8 quake rattled Japan. (On May 10, a 9 meter long steel stake weighing about 630 kg fell from the same construction site, and on May 6.

In the “blink of an eye”. Considering these major earthquakes in Local Time can be confusing, so here they are in UTC:

Signs of sinking can already be seen along the coastal areas of India and Bangladesh, where residents are threatened by advancing waves. and bless the rest . . . The Zetas of ZetaTalk predicted many long years ago that, during the Pole Shift, India, as well as Bangladesh and Bhutan, would be forcefully pushed down and under the Himalayas and under ensuring ocean waves

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Newport Local News Stan Lee is a ‘Marvel’ at 92

She can be reached at [email protected]

Stan-LeeIt is no secret that when it comes to the big screen, anything stamped with the name Marvel is sure to become box office gold.. Responsible initially for tasks such as filling the inkwells of those who actually made the comics, within two short years, he had written his first comic book text under the pseudonym Stan Lee. Endeavoring to balance his Asian heritage with mainstream American culture, Steven has always felt a step or two outside the circle.

While on a trip of a lifetime to Hong Kong, Steven finds himself in a museum being led down into its basement byzodiac-legacy-disney his mysterious tour guide, Jasmine. I’ll bet that young man from the Bronx had no idea how far his silly comic-book nom de plume would actually take him.

In this, the first book in a planned trilogy, readers are introduced to hero Steven Lee, a Chinese-American teenager who has thus far struggled to find his place in the world. Interestingly enough, with thoughts of still pursuing his childhood dream of becoming a “serious writer,” he wanted to save his given name to use in those pursuits.

Steven himself becomes unintentionally infused with the powers of his zodiac symbol, the Tiger, while Maxwell and his minions have claimed other powers for themselves. While in the bowels of the museum, Steven finds out about the powers of the Zodiac – super-powers corresponding with the animals of the Chinese zodiac that have been unleashed by the requisite evil bad guy, Maxwell.

Written with children from grades 2 to 6 in mind, the book is appropriate for younger readers, while still being a good read for any fan of Lee, or his comics, who would like to learn a little bit more about what inspired this living legend to create the characters we have come to love.

Peppered throughout with illustrations reminiscent of the book’s comic hero inspiration, it is full of enough action to keep any super-hero fan turning pages right up until the end. Part of the popular “Who Was…” biography series for kids, the book offers young readers a look at the life of the man who is almost single-handedly responsible for revolutionizing the comic book industry.

Thanks to Lee, along with co-author, Stuart Moore and illustrator, Andie Tong, the new book “The Zodiac Legacy: Convergence,” offers parents and child literacy advocates the opportunity to parlay this Marvel madness into quality reading time for middle grade adventure seekers.

As kids (and their parents) throng to see films like the just released “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” interest in comic books and graphic novels is again on the rise, and 92-year-old Marvel legend Stan Lee is proving that his characters have staying power that will carry them through unlimited sequels and spin-offs.

Edie Crabtree is an avid reader and the mother of three active boys. As an added bonus, with a standard cliff-hanger, and two more books on the way, interest will stay piqued for even the most reluctant reader.

Born Stanley Lieber, Lee took his first position in the comic book world at the young age of seventeen. Each of the twelve zodiac powers have found a human host – some on the side of good, some working for world dominance, and others, who, unaware of their powers, are as yet loyal to neither side.

Steven, Jasmine, and their friends must now set out on a mission that will take them around the globe, to try and find these “rogue powers,” preventing Maxwell and his agency, the Vanguard, from recruiting them to their side, and thus becoming all-powerful and virtually unstoppable.

While waiting for books two and three to make their debuts, it would be a perfect time to check out “Who Is Stan Lee,” by Geoff Edgers.

Now, some seventy-odd years later, he has finally published his first prose novel – still under the moniker of Stan Lee, a name to which he legally changed years ago

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