My Obsession with Chef Gordon Ramsay and Hell’s Kitchen

We’ve seen them shout and fly off the handle just as much as Chef Ramsay does. The team that wins the dinner service is safe and the other team has to pick two contestants to go up for elimination. Chef Ramsey yelling and slamming plates down. His hot head and sharp tongue demands the contestants prove themselves to be worthy to win. Some of the contestants are so dramatic they forget how to cook. If you’re strong enough you’ll survive Chef Ramsay’s wrath and become a better chef.

If you’ve never watched this show you have missed some great reality TV. The show is filled with drama, Chef Ramsay’s and the contestants. Every now and then a contestant will quit and ask to leave Hell’s Kitchen. The only difference is they usual do it amongst each other. It’s reality TV so expect a little chaos at times.

The competition is not for the faint of heart. Well there’s actually a lot more to it than that, but you’ll have to watch and see for yourself.. The quitters always upset me because they took a spot someone else could have had. Let me tell you just how much heat I’m talking about. Every week a contestant is eliminated because of poor execution and or lack of teamwork or whatever reason Chef Ramsay sees fit. Some people can’t take the heat of even watching it because it can be a bit intense. And let’s not forget, you really do need to know how to cook.

Maybe the first seasons contestants didn’t know what they were signing up for, but after that they all knew. Hopefully the emotional scares from being on the show heal fast. No one is safe, not even the really good chefs.

The contestants are split into two teams. The jest of it is to complete a dinner service each night without having any plates come back or people leaving because of the long wait. He scares the living daylights out of them each season. The winner of Hell’s kitchen receives a prize of $250,000 dollars and a one year contract to be head chef at one of Chef Ramsay’s restaurants.

The show is a cooking competition with about 18 contestants

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I sincerely hope this helps. Let him know that you’re old enough for that and that you acted on strong feelings for your boyfriend. Love is deeper than spreading your legs and having butterflies in your stomach. Let him know that he overreacted. I was honestly trying to help.

I understand that you’re old enough to make the decision to have sex. Make him think about what he did. I’m speaking from personal experience. 2 – Lift up your standards. Woman, you are 16 freaking years old.

1 – You need to speak to your brother and say that you understand he was protecting you, thank him for that, but MAKE IT CLEAR you weren’t raped. 90% of the time they’re not happy. Don’t get angry with him for that. I understand that you have feelings for your boyfriend. Ask him to explain why he could have sex at 16 and not you. I was 16 once too. Whether you believe it or not, at 16 you’re not mature enough for any of this ****. I also understand that you love both your boyfriend and older brother. Would he stay with you for the rest of…

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Best answer: He did what any older brother would do. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA THE PRESSURE INVOLVED IN RAISING A CHILD?! Ask yourself if your boyfriend would put a ring on your finger if you got knocked up. . Woman, you are 16 freaking years old.

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3 – How long did you know him before having sex? How long did you wait?

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I don’t mean to be harsh, hun. Take whatever is relevant. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA THE PRESSURE INVOLVED IN RAISING A CHILD?! Ask yourself if your boyfriend would put a ring on your finger if you got knocked up. Some of this might apply. I’m 27 and my daughter just turned 7 months. I get that the sex was consensual. He’s clearly an idiot and an emotionless subhuman moron. I know that I can be a bit abrasive and come off as mean. Being in a committed relationship is a beautiful thing. I met the family of my first girlfriend. Tell him that he didn’t need to hit someone three years younger than him. I’m 27 and my daughter just turned 7 months. Sex is one of those things that’s meant to be saved for marriage.

So I’m gonna get to the point. My first girl’s family loved me! I was respectful and presented myself as a man.

Best answer:

He did what any older brother would do. And when you’re married the sex does indeed get a lot better! Imagine being with someone for years and years and getting to know EVERYTHING they like

Funny pictures: Barcelona vs Bayern Munich

However, the deadlock was broken in the second half when Arjen Robben cut into the middle and smacked a left-footed shot that eluded Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valds, high and inside of the far post.

See more funny pictures of the UEFA Champions League semi final second leg match between Bayern Muenchen and Barcelona below.

Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United: Funny Pictures After Winning 19th English Premier League

See more photos:

See more >>>Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo 2013: Another memorable showdown

Bayern Munich had an outstanding game at the Camp Nou stadium as they defeated Barcelona 3-0 and 7-0 on aggregate in the UEFA Champions League semifinal series on Wednesday (May 1, 2013). The former Real Madrid player burst creating a three-on-three attack but his decision to shoot with team-mates well placed allowed Alex Song to block. The champion of Germanys Bundesliga is now headed to Wembley Stadium in London to face its domestic rival, Borussia Dortmund, in the final on May 25. The first 45 minutes ended scoreless. In the first leg of the match, Barcelona was kept off-balance by counterattacks led by Arjen Robben. It will be the third Champions League final in the past four years for Bayern Munich, who lost in the final in 2010 and 2012. Four minutes later, Thomas Mueller headed in Franck’s cross to make it 7-0 on aggregate.

Jose Mourinho funny photo

Gerard Pique funny Bayern Munich vs Barcelona

A fine Arjen Robben strike, a Gerard Pique own goal and a Thomas Mueller header ended any lingering hopes of a Barcelona comeback in a 3-0 victory for Bayern Munich at the Camp Nou stadium on Wednesday, May 1, 2013.

Lionel Messi never budged from the bench due to a hamstring injury during the game on Wednesday.

Bayern Munich vs Barcelona 7-0 funny 2013

Barcelona funny pics

Barcelona funny photos

Lionel Messi 2013: Barcelona star answers critics with winners against AC Milan (Photos)

Funny Cartoons of Real Madrid vs Barcelona

Gerard Pique inadvertently added to Barcelona’s humiliation as he could only connect with Franck Ribery’s dangerous cross with his knee to divert it beyond Victor Valds and into the back of the net.

Enjoy the best funny pictures of the UEFA Champions League semi final second leg match between Barcelona and FC Bayern Muenchen.

Gerard Pique funny pictures

Bayern Munich vs Barcelona 7-0

Gerard Pique funny

ronaldo messi funny pictures. In the 72th minute, Franck Ribery crossed and Gerard Pique hammered the ball past his own keeper for the second

Ex-Man United chief David Gill blasts Tottenham’s Daniel Levy over transfer tactics | Football | Premier League Transfer News, Scores, Results & More

It is very difficult.

“So Alex had to phone up Fraizer and say by the way Fraizer, do me a favour, youre going to Tottenham now. There was a great picture my wife took of me, on holiday in Florida, on the phone to Daniel Levy, with my foot on a fire hydrant.


DIFFICULT DEAL: Gill and Ferguson had their work cut out to land Berbatov

“Because you have got to integrate them into the club, get them a house and allow them to settle down.

“By and large you try and do it early, particularly if you have a player coming in from overseas.

“What Im saying is that Daniel probably squeezed an extra million pounds out of us, but he probably could have got 29m or so two weeks earlier and allowed time to get a different striker and spend that money wisely.”

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“The way the deal got done was that Daniel needed a striker and asked about Fraizer Campbell.

“In the end I felt it affected Spurs because we did the deal in the end, at midnight on deadline day, so Tottenham couldnt get a replacement in.

Gill, who left United when Sir Alex Ferguson quit in 2013 and is now a FIFA vice-president and FA vice-chairman, was speaking in an interview with theManchester Evening News.

“If you got it done early youd know what your costs were going to be for the next financial year.. “In 2008, when we won the Champions League, we decided we couldnt rely on (Carlos) Tevez, (Wayne) Rooney and (Cristiano) Ronaldo to score all the goals so went for another forward and that was (Dimitar) Berbatov.

He said: “I dont know (why clubs do business so late). And thats how it happened.

“But there are certain clubs who don’t do that. With Tottenham, Im not speaking out of turn, Daniel Levy would like to do that.

The former Manchester United chief executive has spoken out about how Levy’s preference to do business late in the transfer window actually hindered Tottenham.

“I spoke to Daniel Levy in June that year, made an offer, and it went on for the whole summer.

“To an extent when Alex and I were at United we always liked to do things as early as we could, but it wasnt always possible.

“It was a nightmare

2014 World Cup: Day 13 – Live Blogs & Updates

How hard is it to knee someone in the back of the head?!

Ryan, Costa Rica currently lead Italy by three points and three goals. I think we should really salute the height he gets on the jump. Watching England so that you don’t have to.

ITA struggling to move the ball forward, with just one touch in the attacking penalty area, its fewest in any half at this World Cup.

. Just seem Daniel Sturridge endorsing long sandwiches.

And there’s Rooney in some kind of exo-skeleton, endorsing phones.

Agreed, Nocalmat, and that philosophy won’t change when they get in at HT and see the Italy score.

Just seen the Balotelli incident.

The most poignant sight in this World Cup: Optimistic World Cup themed commercials still running long after England’s exit. They’d need a win here, for Costa Rica to lose, and also net a four goal swing.

I’ve been here, Blytzus

UEFA 2013/14 Club Ranking

Many previous “rivalry” finals have been quiet dull, for example the 2003 final between Juventus and Milan, but the 2013 final was an exciting game for us all to witness.

The 2013/2014 campaign looks to be the most competitive in decades. Not many fans across the globe would have put their money on an all-German final, but for the first time in the competitions history, there was. Also the reemergence of former giants, Juventus and Bayern Munich, have also strengthened the competition and has made the competition harder to win than ever before.

Scottish champions Celtic, against all odds, qualified through a very tough group. Many would have predicted an all-Spanish final but it was German football’s year, and more specifically, Bayern Munich’s year; Bayern Munich went to to win “the treble” by being crowned Bundesliga champions, European champions, and winning the German Cup.

A lot of shocks happened in the tournament during the course of the season. The revolution of teams such as Borussia Dortmund, Paris Saint-Germain and Shakhtar Donetsk have put pressure on the big European teams to be tactically flawless. They beat Manchester United at home in their group and knocked out a strong Schalke 04 team in the Round of 16.

The 2012/13 UEFA Champions League campaign surprised a lot of us. In recent years Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Manchester United have always been tipped to win the tournament but now half a dozen of teams are in contention.

Before the competition began in September 2012, FC Barcelona were heavy favourites to be crowned European champions and were followed by their fierce Spanish rivals Real Madrid. Neil Lennon galvanized his troops and gave the Glaswegian public some incredible performances; most notably a famous home win against the “best club in history” FC Barcelona at Celtic Park.

Not many would had predicted that Turkish champions, SK Galatasaray, would have made it to the quarter-final but they fully deserved their place there. English Premier League champions Manchester City once again were unable to qualify through to the knock-out stages of the competition and even didn’t manage to qualify in third place for the UEFA Europa League.

Below is a personal ranking system where I rate the best clubs in the 2014 UEFA Champions League and select them in order of strength, quality, and personnel.

. Unlike before where there were heavy favourites, now a handful of teams are capable of winning the competition. The final was a great spectacle for all neutral fans around the world to see

Mancini: City must win midweek ‘final’ against Tottenham

We wanted one final this year and we have it,” the Italian told reporters. “Now we must win against Tottenham, we have to play like we did today, we must be strong. The Tottenham manager said he would not seek special dispensation for a reinforcement as City did in replacing the sidelined Shay Given last week.

Manchester City, who started with emergency loan keeper Marton Fulop rather than risk young Faroe Islander Gunnar Nielsen, kept their hopes alive after coming from behind to defeat Aston Villa 3-1, ending the Midlands side’s chances of claiming fourth place.

Norway striker John Carew gave visiting Villa the lead in the 16th minute, but Carlos Tevez — whose City future is in doubt after criticizing manager Roberto Mancini’s training methods — leveled from the penalty spot in the 41st minute for his 29th goal of the season before a frantic end to the half.

Carew then hit the bar but young winger Adam Johnson immediately set up striker Emmanuel Adebayor for City’s second goal.

City pressed for a third goal, which came in the final minute as substitute Shaun Wright-Phillips set up striker Craig Bellamy.

Mancini, who was given a remit of finishing the season in fourth place when he replaced the sacked Mark Hughes, outlined the importance of Wednesday’s match.

“It’s going to be a final. City, who will have home advantage, need to at least draw and then win at West Ham — and hope Tottenham lose.

Harry Redknapp’s team may be without Brazilian goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes, who suffered a groin injury.

“It’s maybe the most important game in the last year and we must win.”

Everton’s hopes of winning a Europa League place ended with a 0-0 draw at Stoke, meaning David Moyes’ team cannot catch seventh-placed city rivals Liverpool, who host leaders Chelsea on Sunday in a match which will have a major influence on the title race.

Chelsea lead champions Manchester United, who travel to mid-table Sunderland, by a point with two games to play.

Birmingham moved six points clear of 10th-placed Sunderland with a 2-1 win over Burnley, while bottom club Portsmouth finished their home season with a morale-boosting 3-1 win over Wolverhampton ahead of the May 15 FA Cup final against Chelsea.


Carlos Tevez shakes hands with manager Roberto Mancini, who he has criticized, after being substituted on Saturday.


Tottenham go into Wednesday’s clash with Manchester City with one-point advantageSpurs hold fourth Champions League place after defeating Bolton 1-0 at homeCity come from behind to end Aston Villa’s hopes with 3-1 victory to stay fifthEverton miss out on Europa League place after drawing 0-0 at Stoke

(CNN) — Tottenham and Manchester City remain locked in a battle for England’s fourth Champions League berth after both clubs won crunch clashes on Saturday.

London club Tottenham will go into Wednesday’s showdown between the two teams with a one-point advantage after beating 14th-placed Bolton 1-0 at home thanks to a fierce strike from midfielder Tom Huddlestone seven minutes before halftime.

If Spurs win, their final match of the Premier League season at relegated Burnley will be meaningless

Departing Steven Gerrard scores –

It always means more when you win for your people.”

He also reserved a barbed comment to the Chelsea fans, who have subjected him to plenty of opprobrium over the years.

“I would have signed for him on three occasions if I wasn’t such a big Liverpool fan. “I have huge respect for him. He’s the best manager in the world in my opinion,” he said. It was a love match which was to prove unfulfilled and with Chelsea wrapping up the EPL title last weekend, Mourinho did not begrudge Gerrard his one last moment in the big-time limelight.

Mourinho had paid fulsome tribute to the former England captain in the pre-match build up and revealed he had tried to sign the star midfielder while managing in his first spell at Chelsea and later at Inter Milan and Real Madrid.

Gerrard returned the compliment in the post-match interviews. Aleksandar Kolarov, James Milner and David Silva were also on target in the one-sided rout.

It left QPR, owned by Malaysian businessman Tony Fernandes, bottom of the table and nine points adrift of safety with only six points available. Second bottom Burnley’s relegation was confirmed Saturday.

Aguero’s fourth minute opener set the scene for the rout and underlined the defensive weakness which has blighted QPR all season since winning promotion via the playoffs.

Harry Redknapp took them to the top-flight, but quit earlier this season, leaving Chris Ramsey in charge.

His was always an uphill task with teams around them starting to pick up points and the third relegation spot is still to be decided, currently occupied by Hull.

Wolves in Champions LeagueIn the Bundesliga, VfL Wolfsburg secured Champions League qualification for the first time in six years with a 3-1 win over lowly Paderborn.

Dutch striker Bas Dost scored twice as the Wolves moved to second in the standings behind Bayern Munich with a first win in four league games.

Sunday’s late game in Serie A, was an incident-packed affair as two goals from Hernanes saw Inter Milan beat Lazio 2-1 in a game that had two players sent off and Inter also miss a penalty.

The win boosts Inter’s hopes of winning a late Europa League place.

Steven Gerrard, leaving Anfield for Los Angeles Galaxy at the end of the season, headed a first half equalizer in the 1-1 draw and was given a standing ovation from all sides of the ground as he was substituted after the break.. He’s the reason my head was turned on a couple of occasions but he knew why I couldn’t do it, because I love Liverpool Football Club. “It’s nice of them to turn up for once,” he said.

While Gerrard was on the pitch, he was a key figure in Liverpool’s general dominance, despite falling behind to a typical headed goal from his fellow captain and international teammate John Terry on five minutes.

Gerrard scored his 12th of the season with a header from a Jordan Henderson free kick and his team might have grabbed the victory it needed to maintain its challenge for a top four place in the EPL against a rather lackluster home team.

QPR relegatedEarlier Sunday, Queen’s Park Rangers became the second team to be relegated from the English Premier League, humbled 6-0 by deposed champion Manchester City.

Sergio Aguero improved his chances of ending the season as the leading scorer in the EPL by grabbing a hat-trick — taking his tally to 25

Hamburg end Mainz’s record run; Gomez fires hat-trick for Bayern

The win lifts Leverkusen to third place on 15 points.

Bayern Munich’s Mario Gomez celebrates scoring his third goal in his team’s 3-0 win over Hannover on Saturday.


Mainz lose to Hamburg 0-1 and miss opportunity to create Bundesliga history

Bayern Munich win 3-0 thanks to Mario Gomez hat-trick

Bayer Leverkusen come back from 2-0 down to defeat Wolfsburg 3-2

(CNN) — Mainz failed in their bid to make Bundesliga history on Saturday as they lost 1-0 at home to Hamburg.

The minnows were bidding for their eighth consecutive win of the season, which would have seen them overtake the record of seven straight wins held by themselves, Bayern Munich — who achieved the feat in the 1995-96 season — and Kaiserslautern (2001-02 season).

But it was not to be as Hamburg’s Paolo Guerrero crushed any lingering hopes with a 89th minute winner. Wolfsburg are in 11th place with 10 points.

Werder Bremen beat Freiburg 2-1, while St Pauli scored a late winner to snatch a 3-2 victory over Nuremberg.

The clash at the bottom of the table between Schalke and Stuttgart ended in a 2-2 draw.

Sunday matches see Eintracht Frankfurt travel to Kaiserslautern while Borussia Moenchengladbach travel to Hoffenheim.


Substitute Simon Rolfes scored a second half brace to help his side come back to win after going 2-0 down. But the break showed that we were missing a little bit of our collective game,” Mainz coach Thomas Tuchel said, AFP reported.

Mainz now lie second in the table behind Borussia Dortmund who have the same amount of points — after their 2-1 win on Friday against Cologne — but a superior goal difference.

Mario Gomez scored a hat-trick for reigning champions Bayern Munich as they cruised past Hannover at the Allianz Arena.

Gomez opened his account in the 21st minute, added a second in the 77th minute before a third came in injury time.

A goal has been a long time coming for the German striker, who hadn’t scored in the Bundesliga since February.

“It’s a nice feeling. I didn’t think it would come like this. It really wasn’t that difficult. I was just part of the team today,” Gomez said, AFP reported.

The win was a welcome relief for coach Louis van Gaal who was without his captain Mark van Bommel, Franck Ribery, Miroslav Klose, Ivica Olic and Daniel van Buyten because of injury.

Bayern move up to ninth place with 11 points.

Saturday’s late kick-off saw Bayer Leverkusen defeat Wolfsburg 3-2. Hamburg also had a goal disallowed earlier in the match.

“We played a little wild and lost some easy balls in attack, giving them some chances on the counter attack

Interesting Facts About Angel Di Maria

Di Maria’s childhood club Rosario Central was far away from his house. Luckily Di Maria joined benifica and started to earn good amount of amoney. However, the doctor advised his mother to let him play sports to release hisbursting energy.

4) Living the dream of a Father: Di Maria’s Father wanted to become a Football player. May be this is the reason why you would see DI Maria working much harder than the other Football players.. Because of many incidents, his mother took him to a doctor to find a cure. 5) A mother’s Sacrifice: Di Maria’s mother also made a lot of sacrifices for the family. So, unfortunatey his father had to work in a coal yard for 16 years to support his family. So, he told his father not to work in a coal yard anymore.

3) A cure for Hyper activity: As already mentioned above, Di Maria was very hyperactive since he was born. This is how Di Maria’s journey started as a football player. As a result Di Maria started playing football and soon took the attention of his local club. When DI MAria was a kid his mother used to take him to Roasario Central for Seven years in a row. Once upon a time his father used to play for river plate Reserves but a bad knee injury ruined his dream